Conditions of Participation IDECA


The Organizer - Biostom Ltd. - organizes dental events: forums, exhibitions, congresses, symposia, conferences, seminars etc. (hereinafter - "the Event"). For participation in the Event the company (hereinafter "the Customer") submits the Space Application form in written form, under the form established by the Organizer, with the signature and the stamp of the chief executive officer. By signing and returning the Space Application form, the Customer acknowledges that the "Conditions of Participation IDECA" are binding for the Customer. For participation in the Event, the company should enter in contracted commitments with the Organizer according to the following: - Contract, concluded between the Organizer and the Customer regulating participation of the Customer in the Events;- The Annexes to the Contract which are the integral part of the Contract(include the name, date and venue of the Event, prices, service andpayment terms) (hereinafter – "Annexes")
- Conditions of Participation IDECA;
After Customer's registration at the Event the wishes of the Customer regarding stand location are regarded by the Organizer as far as possible. The Customer receives the right for the stand location, agreed with the Organizer, only after completion of the following: signing of the Contract and corresponding Annex by both Parties, settlement of registration fee and advance payment according to the terms and conditions pointed in the Annexes. The Organizer reserves the right to change stand location agreed before, due to technical or organizational problems and undertakes to inform the Customer about the changes timely.
The Customer is entitled to place for extra charge other companies (hereinafter - co-exhibitors) at his allocated stand space.
The delayed order or payment of additional services by the Customer may lead to increase in prices of services (up to 100%) or improper fulfillment due to the lack of time and resources.
At the last day of the Event the Customer is obliged to sign the Acceptance Report - the Contract integral part - or to give motivated refusal of its signing. The report is provided by the Organizer at the Event in two copies. In case of non-signing and failure to give motivated refusal of its signing at the stated time the services are considered as accepted without objections. The claims directed by the Customer afterwards are not considered by the Organizer. All claims should be issued in written form and contain the following: the reference to number and date of the Contract or the Annex to the Contract, claim subject (the description of insufficiencies of the rendered services), the requirement of the Customer.


Payment for participation in the Event in sum indicated in the Contract or Annex to the Contract is made in terms and on the conditions indicated in the Contract/Annex, under the tariffs indicated in the Contract/Annex. The services, ordered by the Customer, can be guaranteed only in the case of properly made payments. Cost of participation in the Event consists of cost of equipped (unequipped) space, registration fee, cost of related services (in particular equipment for the standard stand construction), co-exhibitor fee (if applicable) and cost of additionally ordered services.
Cost of granting of not equipped (equipped) area, except cost of granting of the area, includes cost of the general security, illumination, power consumption, ventilation, hall climatisation, cleaning of passes, territories, transitions, garbage removal, design of Event, general advertising of the Event, specified quantity of exhibitor badges, entry tickets and parking admissions, cost of attendants and maintenance staff of the Event.
Cost of registration fee, co-exhibitor fee, correspondence participation includes the following: Customer service organization expenses, publication of the information of Customer entry in the Event Catalogue, on the WEB-site of the Event, on the floor plans of the Event and in preview brochure in prescribed form and amount.
Cost of correspondence participation additionally includes distribution of promotional flyers, given by the Customer, at the Event in prescribed amount.
The space of second floor of the stand construction is charged extra under prescribed tariff.
The Organizer accepts only clearing payments (wire transfer). Checks, bills and payment on a credit card are not accepted. All expenses connected with bank remittances, are charged by the Customer and are not to be subtracted from the sum under the Contract/Annex.

By subscribing and submitting Application for Participation in the Event, the Customer agrees with participation rates and conditions, and undertakes to pay for ordered services in full amount for the concrete Event.
In case of Customer's cancellation of the participation (or partial cancellation) made not later than 90 days prior to the Event opening date (only writing form is acceptable) the Customer has to pay the penalty fee in amount of 50% of participation cost (or cancelled part of ordered space or services). In the case of cancellation (or partial cancellation) made not later than 30 days prior to the Event opening date, the Customer has to pay the penalty in amount of 85% of the ordered services. In the case of cancellation (or partial cancellation) made later than 30 days prior to the Event opening date, the Customer has to pay the penalty in amount of 100% of the ordered services. Payment deadline - 5 days after the cancellation. Registration fee is not refunded.
In case of overdue payments to discretion of the Organizer the Customer pays penalty fee in amount of 0,2% of the delayed sum for every day of delay, but in total not more than 20% of the payment sum.
The Organizer has the right to debar the Customer to participation in the Event at presence of debts of the Customer one week prior to the opening of the Event
The Organizer also has the right to debar the Customers' participation in the next Event at delayed payments, default by the Customer of obligations on the previous Events, and also on the basis of noncompliance of its production, printing materials, staff etc. with the interests and purposes of the Event.

No single part of the Customer' stand including advertising and information materials should not exceed the bounds of ordered space. In the event of the bounds excess, the Organizer makes a written or oral warning. If the Customer afterwards undertakes no failure correction, the Organizer reserves the right to remove all a.m. parts of the Customer' stand from exhibition area.
The authorized company which is responsible for the construction on the Event (further - "the General Contractor"), determines the access and work rules on the territory of the Event for the unaffiliated builders, and also carries out examination of conformity of the unaffiliated builders to requirements of the exhibition centre.

4.1 Standard equipment
The choice of art of stand construction should be indicated by the Customer in the Space Application form. By choosing the equipped area with the standard equipment or standard construction of the unequipped area the Customer acknowledges terms and costs of prescribed set of stand construction ordered via the Organizer.
The additional equipment can be ordered within the prescribed terms and deadlines. The assembling of the stands is provided by the company responsible for the installation work at the Event (hereinafter - General stand contractor) in determined period. Thus, the Customer carries a material liability for the leased stand equipment. In case of loss of the leased stand equipment the Customer compensates to the Organizer cost of the lost property (without any discounts), in case of damage the Customer reimburses damage cost. The Customer should adjust the Stand layout with the Organizer in time in a due form. Otherwise, the Organizer places a standard set of the equipment on the stand including the fascia board with the company name of the Customer according to the information available to the Organizer. If the company name exceeds the limits of the main tariff, the Customer is charged extra.
The locks with the keys of negotiation rooms, show-cases etc. are issued on move-in day by the General stand contractor against a special security deposit.
All on-site orders of additional equipment are placed directly to the General stand contractor under special tariffs and upon possibility to execute the order.
Wall panels and other elements of the stand construction should be returned after the Event undamaged and are cleared of the scotch tape, etc. The attachment of the equipment of the Customer to stand construction, gluing of extraneous subjects to elements of stand, making of apertures, an attachment advertising, etc. materials by pins, buttons etc., without the written coordination with the General Contractor is strictly forbidden.
During the installation period and the Event period the stands mounted by the General Contractor do not come under any independent (not adjusted with the Organizer) changes, complete or partial dismantling of stand constructions is prohibited. In case of infringement of the given condition the Customer is fined according to the tripartite Certificate signed by the Customer, the Organizer and the General Contractor.

4.2 Ordering 'Space only'
The choice of art of stand construction should be indicated by the Customer in the Space Application form. By ordering Space only, The Customer is entitled to take advantage of services of General Contractor, develop its stand on Customer' own or engage other contractors (hereinafter - "Contractor"). The Customer has to inform the Organizer about the contact information of the Contractor not later than 30 days prior to the opening of the Event.
For the work permission at the Event, the Contractor has to conclude with the General stand contractor a special contract on technical examination and providing operating conditions for assembly and dismantling operations at the Event not later than 30 days prior to the assembling period.
Two copies of technical draft of the Customer' booth layout with all dimensions, should be submitted to the Organizer not later, than 30 days prior to the opening of the Event. Electrical boards, phones, fascia board descriptions, required electrical power supply including stand lighting, should be indicated at the booth layout clearly. The Organizer gives mounting permission only after receipt of the technical draft from the Customer. In case of later supply of electricity information, stand of the Customer is connected to a separate power point for extra charge.
The Organizer bears no expenses on supplying the Customer with installations, connections, switches, electrical cables etc. from stand to electricity connection points.
Stands should be equipped with fire extinguishers; two-level stands should have two fire extinguishers and fire safety system. All equipment used in the booth construction should be non-flammable or cured by special certified liquids in special organizations and should obtain fire proof and fire safety certificates from manufacturer, both in Russian and English languages. Certificates are presented in original to the Organizer, to the General stand contractor or to the Fire safety department.
Standard stand height is 2,5 m. Greater height of the stand, two or more -level stands should be agreed with the Organizer. The two-level stand construction should obtain strength properties corresponding to the safety standards and appropriate certificates, which should be given to the Organizer or General stand contractor 30 days prior to the opening of the Event. Company name and stand number should be indicated at the fascia board. In case of absence of fascia board company name, co-exhibitors and stand number should be displayed prominently at the front of the stand.
Before starting stand assembly, the Customer or authorized person should make sure that the marking is done properly with accordance to the general floor plan. In case of uncertainty it is necessary to contact General stand contractor or Organizer staff.
In case of violation of a.m. conditions by the Customer or Contractor, the Organizer reserves the right to impose a ban on the stand assembly and remove the Customer' stand from the Event.

The Customer delivers or installs his goods on the first day of the Event only on the basis- and on terms, determined by the Organizer. While the Event is open for visitors, there is no access of trucks for exhibits entry.

Dismantling and move-out is allowed only after official closing of the Event. In case of non-proper Customer' goods and equipment removal the Organizer reserves the right to store the goods and equipment in warehouse, at that the Customer is to compensate the Organizer all connected costs in corpora. Extra working hours of the Organizer' staff is paid separately according to the prescribed tariffs.

The Organizer provides general guarding and admission procedure at the territory of the Event, except for particular security of exhibits and property of the Customer. The Organizer does not bear responsibility for safety of above mentioned property and exhibits. The personal security of stands is carried out by the authorized services of the exhibition centre at additional expense under the Exhibitor forward ordering, or is independent. The Customer is entitled to use the stand during the prescribed time, since protection raising and until the protection acceptance of the Event hall. Individual guarding of the stands and exhibits of the Customer is allowed only if agreed by the Organizer in the presence of written approval of the local administration of the building where the Event is held. The Customer is recommended to close and to seal storages, valuable residences and leave the stand only in moment of protection acceptance of the Event hall.

By virtue of responsibility and commitments undertaken by the Organizer in terms of organization and holding of the Event, the Organizer solely is entitled to determine and interpret the maxims at the Event as well as solve emergent disputes among customers, visitors and others at the Event.

The Organizer has jurisdiction regarding all domestic affairs at the Event, including closing of the Customer' stand - in case of Customer' violation of terms and conditions of "Conditions of Participation IDECA", without any compensations to the Customer.

The Customer undertakes to obey all local routine directions at the Event, safety code, fire safety regulations, sanitary and hygienic regulations, as well as regulations of current legislation, including among others trade mark and copyright protection, contra fact products distribution and carries whatever liability for breakage in full amount.

During the Event opening time the Customer' stand should be manned permanently.

The Customer is not allowed without written approval to apply any items or materials to the walls, columns, floor, constructions and other elements of the interior of the buildings where the Event is held. In the case of violating this rule the Customer is exposed to the penalty.

The Customer is entitled to undertake any commercial and other activities at the Event under observance of current legislation of the country, where the Event is held. Any medical activity of the Customer at the Event is prohibited without the presence of licenses and permissive papers for this kind of activity at the given moment at the given location foreseen by the legislation of the country, where the Event is held.

The Customer's activities should not create any threat for life and health of third parties – other exhibitors, organizers, visitors, final consumers of products.

The Customer should not interfere with the work of third parties at the exhibition, in particular of other exhibitors and visitors as well as prevent the exhibition center and the organizer office from appropriate functioning.

The Customer's activities should not damage the image of the exhibition and business reputation of the Organizer.

The Customer is obliged to be guided at the exhibition by the legislation of the host country of the exhibition, to be familiar with the liability provided for violation of the relevant articles of the law.

The Customer is obliged to comply with the current legislation of exhibition host country regulating the procedure of the circulation of medical products and medicines (in Uzbekistan - Appendix to the Decree of CM RUz dd. 23.03.2018 N 213: "Regulation on the procedure of state registration of medicines, medical devices and medical equipment and issuance of registration certificate" and Act No. 265-I of the Republic of Uzbekistan of 29.08.1996 on the protection of the health of citizens) and the relevant regulatory legal acts.

The Customer realizes that the violation of the requirements of the legislation to the procedure of the circulation of medical devices and medicines, including the circulation of unregistered medical devices and medicines, entails the responsibility provided. The Customer realizes that violation of the requirements of the legislation regarding compliance with licensing requirements in the implementation of medical and pharmaceutical activities in Uzbekistan entails administrative and criminal liability. Allowed noise level at the stand (amplifiers, microphones, columns, etc., used for work of the Customer at the stand) – 70 db.

At receipt of complaints to noise level at the stand of the Customer from outside other participants of the exhibition and third persons, the Customer is obliged to lower noise level immediately. Every activity of the Customer disturbing other customers or resulting in aisle overloading at the exhibition is not allowed. In case of such disturber, if the Customer takes no improvement actions after a written or oral warning from the Organizer, the Organizer preserves the right to take measures on stopping of such activities of the Customer at the Event, up to power disconnection or stand closing with no indemnity.

The Customer pays registration fee for every Co-exhibitor. A company is considered Co-exhibitor if using Customer's area at the Event for its own purposes, and/or putting company name at the fascia board, and/or placing its staff at the Customer's stand and/or entering official catalogue of the Event..

The Customer is entitled to a standard entry of the Co-exhibitor in the official catalogue of the Event.

The Customer is entitled to any promotional activity only within the area placed to his disposal by the Organizer. Any promotional activity of the Customer or his Co-exhibitors outside of the stand limits, in the aisles, at the entrances or exits or nearby on the way to the Event, not agreed with the Organizer, is prohibited.

For the official catalogue of the Event the Customer gives entry information in prescribed manner in due form. If the Customer failed to supply the Organizer with the catalogue entry information properly, the Organizer reserves the right to compose the entry for the Customer according to the available data.

Only participants of the Event are allowed to the entry in the official catalogue of the Event. At the same time, catalogue entry is compulsory for the participants of the Event.

All products, information of which is listed in the official catalogue of the Event, are subject of compulsory certification and measures on their manufacture are subject of license.

In case of violation of fire safety regulations by the Customer or his Contractors at the Event, the organizer reserves the right to close the Customer' stand without any compensations.

Special fire safety regulations are applied to all exhibits including radioactive materials, fire- of highly explosive materials, or any other materials, which can be injurious to health or safety of people and buildings. The Customer should have at the stand fire fighting appliances (fire extinguishers).

With a view to the fire safety the following is forbidden at the Event:
  • to leave package at the stand or nearby;
  • to use or to transport indoors benzene, acetylene or any other gas orflammables;
  • to use open fire;
  • to use electric heaters and other devices of higher fire danger;
  • access of unauthorized persons to the points of electrical connectionand electrical boards;

In the case if stand borders are situated near communications, Customer' activity should not prevent free access to the fire exits, fire boards, fire alarm, smoke detectors, electrical boards, telephone lines, airways and water supply. Spoiled food or any other unsanitary products and materials cannot be present at the Customer' stand.

Presence at the stand of the Customer of spoilt food and other unsanitary products and materials is not allowed.

Any verbal agreements outside the framework of this document are not valid until confirmed in writing by the Customer and by the Organizer.

The Customer is also responsible for his Co-exhibitors, bearing responsibility for undamaged state of the constructions, furniture and other equipment rented or received for temporary use from the Organizer. In case of damage caused at the Event to the Organizer or third Parties constrained by contractual relationship with the Organizer, the Customer recovers losses to the Organizer or to the third Parties after the document agreed by the parties.

Problems connected to inopportune goods delivery, to visa granting, airplane tickets etc. cannot release the Customer form responsibility under the Contract and present "Conditions of Participation IDECA".The Customer bears full responsibility for his activities at the Event keeping within the law of the country hosting the Event. Thus the Organizer shall not be liable in any way whatsoever in respect of:
  • loss or injury of exhibits or other wealth suffered or caused to theCustomer, its Co-exhibitors, representatives, employees, contractors, aswell as any losses caused by destruction, accident, fire, explosion, waterand other dangers;
  • injury or damage suffered or caused to the Customer' employees,representatives or contractors regardless of conditions of damage;
  • for activities of the Customer at the Event, even if such activitiescaused damages to the third Parties.

In case of incorrect or incomplete publication in the official catalogue of the information, given properly in prescribed manner in due form by the Customer, through Organizer' fault, the Customer is entitled to reduction of registration fee in amount, in which aims of publication are achieved. Any further claims on reparation of damages are not accepted.

The Organizer is not responsible for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of his obligations according to the present Contract due to force-majeure circumstances or circumstances outside the Organizer' control.

The Customer is recommended to insure stand staff, exhibits and equipment for the period of staying at the Event territory.

Should these provisions be partially legally invalid or contain gaps, this shall not effect the validity of the remaining provisions of the present "Conditions of Participation IDECA".

In all matters, which are not specified by the Contract and present "Conditions of Participation IDECA", the Parties follow current legislation of Uzbekistan.